Exercise in the Classroom

The Good Athlete Project is contributing to research which promotes the inclusion of exercise in the school day. Attention disorders, adolescent malaise, and lack of engagement with school work  can all be traced back to a clear misunderstanding: mind and body are not separate, though the current format of many schools attempts to engage the mind, while the body stays static.

The Good Athlete Project provides site-specific strategies which use exercise to enhance the student experience.

From “The Exercise Effect” (research conducted at the Harvard Graduate School of Education):

“We believe that 1) exercise-induced neurotransmitters have the potential to support a positive affective learning state, 2) exercise-induced neurotrophins enhance the physical structure of the brain, 3) the process (an exercise intervention within the school day) can provide a positive psychological learning environment, especially for those with behavioral and learning disabilities and 4) exercise will increase the health and wellness of the participating community… [if this effect] is optimal and operationally possible, educators ought to include it in their curriculum.”